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For all Ladies out there who think Mixed Martial Arts is not for you - THINK AGAIN...
Learn practical self defence techniques in a fun environment improving fitness at the same time. I am very proud to report I no longer hit like a "girl" and can't think of a better way to let off some steam at the end of a crappy day.

Not just for the ladies but kids too. Rod and Rachael have helped our son build confidence, improve his co-ordination and fitness. He has become more assertive at home and at school. He has also developed better social skills having had the opportunity to assist instructing younger kids and train with the adults.

A sensational experience and great skill set to learn both for the young and the young at heart.

Kelly Drummond

Piara Waters, WA

I cant recommend the benefits highly enough of having your children taught Martial Arts by Rodney. Both my teenage children were instructed by Rodney and they both attained their black belts which was a wonderful testimony to his teaching. I found many more benefits in having them taught Martial Arts apart from the obvious it may help to save their lives one day. Both of my kids were very quiet kids to the point of being shy and their confidence levels increased immensely which I directly attributed to the Martial Arts to the point where they were encouraged to run exercises for the whole class and they would go out the front of the class and do this with confidence. The type of instruction given by Rodney is also fun and it builds fitness levels my daughter had joint dysplasia and by doing her Martial Arts several times each week it helped her immensely.
I am happy Rodney to recommend West Coast Academy of Martial Arts to anybody that wants the best tuition for their Family.

Sue Mallia

Canningvale, WA

My son has learnt so much, Rodney & Rachael are awesome, friendly & professional. I would highly recommend joining the school.

Rebecca Oliver

Harrisdale, WA

Both my girls Emma 6 and Sophie 9 absolutely love the classes. Rodney and Rachael are fantastic instructors. I have seen the confidence in my girls increase immensely. I highly recommend to everyone!!!

Kelly Seville

Piara Waters, WA

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